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  Introducing your very own mortgage shopper .

Is your mortgage renewal approaching? Looking for a better rate or an upgrade? Home equity loan?

Don’t talk to your bank first. Talk to Macdonald Wealth Management. We’ll shop the mortgage market for you.

We understand that your home is your most important financial asset. And a key component in your overall wealth management plan. We also know that you want to deal with a strong, stable lender – which is why we only deal with recognized Canadian financial institutions.

You do have options. And only a licensed mortgage professional can seek them out for you. All it takes is one simple application and we do all the shopping for you. With no fees attached.*

What could be better? A better deal on your mortgage, at a secure and recognized financial institution, no stress, no negotiation. And no brokerage fees. You really can’t go wrong with your own mortgage shopper.

* certain conditions may apply

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator


  65% of North Americans use mortgage brokers.

Make the most of your mortgage dollar!

What is just now taking hold in Quebec has been going on for a long time in North America – the use of personal mortgage shoppers to save time and negotiation aggravation. In fact, over 65% of North Americans have used a mortgage broker before. Most major financial institutions appreciate us for bringing new business their way.

There are firms that specialize in mortgage brokerage. But what sets Macdonald Wealth Management apart is that mortgage brokerage is just one of our four pillars of wealth management services. So we can make your mortgage and integral part of your overall life plan.

We’ll recommend a mortgage with the right combination of rate and payment conditions – which can vary widely. And we look for value and security – within the financial framework that you have laid out for us.

Mortgage Comparison Calculator


  A financial advisor can optimize your mortgage.

Your mortgage renewal date provides the perfect time to re-evaluate your entire financial portfolio and life plan. While interest rates are currently still very favourable, things can change quickly.

It is best to be prepared with a plan that suits your life – for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you want to divert more to savings or investments. Perhaps university is looming for your children. Perhaps your tax situation is about to change. Or are you simply not happy where you are?

Either way, a Macdonald financial advisor can help optimize your most important financial asset.


  We shop where you bank.

Many clients are surprised to learn that we shop for mortgages at lenders where they may already bank. However, we get a preferred lending rate for placing mortgages with this institution – to your benefit.

So you have no worries about the quality of institutions where we could potentially place your mortgage.

More importantly, we can also provide you with other insurance alternatives for mortgage protection – without making your bank the beneficiary.

Here are just some of the financial institutions that we work with regularly for mortgage financing.




          Putting your life first. 
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