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  Our four pillars of wealth management.

In today’s financial world, it’s tempting to get drawn into a quick-buck, high-return world fueled by media hype.

Who doesn’t want to be financially secure?

But the reality of wealth management and growth has not changed since the beginning of time. You need a balanced approach. And that balanced approach is based on the four financial pillars of productive investments, smart banking, real estate and family security. At Macdonald Wealth Management, we are dedicated to help you build on all four pillars.


“ Divide your fortune into four equal parts: stocks, real estate, bonds and gold coins.  Be prepared to lose on one of them most of the time.  During inflation you will lose on bonds and win on gold and real estate. During deflation, you will lose on real estate and win on bonds… Stocks will see you through both periods, though in a mixed fashion. Whenever performance differences cause a major imbalance, rebalance your fortunes back to the four equal parts.”

Jacob Fugger the Rich,

  It’s about time.

Do you really have time to scrutinize your financial performance? Do you have any idea where your money is really invested? Do you really know if you are paying too much at your bank? Is your mortgage getting paid down as fast as you’d like? Are you adequately covered in case of a death or work loss injury in your family? These are all questions that Macdonald Wealth Management can help you with.

Because we make the time to find out for you.


  A truly independent, unbiased approach.

Unlike large financial planning firms, we are not beholding to any one institution – or their products. Not to say they are bad – but there are other options. What we seek are the products best suited to your lifestyle. We put in place professionally managed solutions and monitor them for our clients on an ongoing basis. We can source a mortgage from virtually any major financial institution. Or we can find insurance that best serves your family’s needs – young or old.

It’s a truly independent approach to wealth management – for you to take full advantage of.


  We’re not alone.

Who we work with.

Our network of professionals includes accountants, notaries, lawyers and tax specialists. Plus, the internal resources of Canada’s major financial institutions are made available to us to better serve our client’s needs on a regular basis with highly custom tailored solutions.


          Putting your life first. 
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